Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Frustrated with Formula

Our son, Owen, 18months, just transitioned from a bottle to a sippy cup. Lately, he's been refusing to drink his "milk" from either. It is so frustrating. Sometimes I get to the end of the day, and he has only had 2/3 of his required formula intake, and he'll fall asleep fighting me not to drink the rest. HELP! Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do?

I asked people on the Listserv, and got a bunch of different ideas about distributing it throughout the day. What if he won't drink it at any time? Argh! Thanks for letting me vent.


laligadelajusticia said...

Girl! Ive soooo been there. Katy didnt start Her diet till she was one year old. First, they told me to take away all protein and feed her nothing but canned pineapples till I could travel to the states for formula. It crushed my heart, cuz katy was so hungry and she didnt want the pineapples. She wanted her bottle. So, finally when I got the formula, I was so relieved to feed her again, only to discover that she hated it more than medicine. From that day on, I had to pin her down with one arm, hold a toy in the other to distract her and hold the bottle down with my chin as I forced fed her. This lasted- wait for it-


Now she mostly likes her "fenney" but I havent dared transition to sippy, lest I lose the ground we covered. Im nervous about this cuz shes three years old.

Owen's Mom said...

We have a whole cabinet (I joke not!) filled with foogo thermos and sippy cups of every shape, color and design. We have also tried adding Nestle Quik ...didn't work for Owen. Now we sometimes have to bargain with him, "Drink some milk first and then you can have juice", etc. Most days he is a champ and drinks it down, but sometimes we have to work at it.