Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jiselle Elizabeth's Baby Food

Jiseul Elizabeth is now 6 months old. She was diagnosed with PKU and my whole world seemed to cave in that day. But we took it one day at a time, and here we are. She's crawling now, and even cruising a little. We started solids a couple of weeks ago, and her PHE allowance for this week is 30mg.

I called a couple baby food companies and here is what I found.

They're kind, understanding, and if you ask them what the PHE content is of certain foods they will tell you. BUT so far they don't have a booklet or list that they are willing to send...

They are awesome!! Kind and understanding, and they even have a booklet that they said they would send to me in the mail with a list of the PHE content in their foods. They also said they would send the booklet to my sister in law because that's where we'll be spending the summer~! VERY VERY COOL!!!

Earth's Best
They were the worst. They were not very kind, and proceeded to tell me that aspartame is not in their foods so not to worry, and they didn't have a booklet and were not willing to find what the PHE content was in any of their foods...

Parent's Choice
Was kind ad said they would call me back...

As soon as the book arrives I will update once again~


Matt & Heidi said...

Thanks, can't wait to hear more. I am going to try to call Beech Nut for that pamphlet as well!

Nancy's mom said...

I just called Beach-Nut and was told they didn't have a book with the phe levels. I am having a hard time finding food with the list i have, what should I do?