Friday, January 11, 2008

Just an update

Our son, Owen, is doing great. His phe levels have been in the "normal" range, between 2-6, every weekly test we've done, with the exception of 1 test at the beginning, while we were adjusting his diet, and one time, when he was in the hospital with a nasty stomach bug. 6 months after his birth, we are feeling much more confident as parents, and have comed to realize that PKU is NOT that bad. There are so many worse things, and we are happy to be able to have a child with something that is treatable. We are especially thankful for the listserv, and our medical/diet caregivers. Owen has started rice cereal and will begin fruit and veggies soon. Then I'm sure we'll have more challenges, but we wouldn't trade him for the world!


DBL-LV said...

i just wanted to say i found your site during a search. We have 71/2 month b/g twins. Our boy has mild pku. We are almost in the same "age" and dealing with the same thing. Your last blog described how i felt. It was so overwhelming at first but day by day we know we can handle it. If you like, maybe we can be email buddies.

michelle hays said...

HI!!!! Im a missionary in mexico. My daughter was born in the country (mex) and went undiagnosed with cpku for a whole year. Shes making good recovery. Im jumping into this group, so ladies-

you got a new friend. Im michelle, nice to meet you.

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